Gary Pietrowicz

Meet Gary Pietrowicz at G. Fried Flooring & Design
Name: Gary T. Pietrowicz
Title: Salesman
Lives In: Ridgefield, NJ
Originally From: North Bergen, NJ
Nickname: G-Man

Personal History
Gary has just surpassed a full decade of working here at G. Fried, bringing his retail experience to 14 years, and his time in the carpet industry to over 28 years. He is a graduate of St. Peter’s College (now St. Peter’s University) with degrees in Biology & Psychology. Gary’s birthday is April 19.

Gary has always been athletic; he is still into basketball, his favorite team sport, as well as tennis, both of which he played in college. An avid bicyclist, you’ll see him putting miles on his bike almost everywhere he goes. Recently, he toured the monuments in Washington D.C., and at least twice per month he’ll take a ride around Manhattan, his favorite city. On his next planned trip, however, the bike will remain home as Gary will be hiking The Grand Canyon, which he expects to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most recently, he visited Gettysburg, but the only thing that could top his trip to Aruba in ’99 is the one place he’s always wanted to visit, Australia. Gary also keeps in shape by practicing martial arts, and just this year, started taking dance lessons. Other interests include reading, playing the drums, and his 2 pets- his dog, Meggie, and his bird, Jewels. Gary’s favorite athlete is Michael Jordan, and has been a Yankee fan“since he was born”!

Speed round
Favorite Carpet Mill: (No answer)
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Current TV Show: Dancing With the Stars
Favorite Type of Carpet: (No answer)
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite TV Show Ever: (No answer)
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Drink: (No answer)
Favorite Movies Ever: The Road Warrior, 300
Most Famous Person Met: Joe Frazier
Best Concert: Led Zeppelin 1974
Favorite Musician(s): (No answer)
If Gary found $1 million in cash, he would: (No answer)
If Gary wasn't a salesman at G. Fried, he would: Be a dog walker
If Gary was stranded on a desert island, the 3 things he would want are: (No answer)

Gary's quote
"The only easy day was yesterday."