Lucielle Ottalangano

Meet Lucielle Ottalangano at G. Fried Flooring & Design
Name: Lucielle “Lucy” Ottalagano
Title: Office Manager, X-Cell Carpet Cleaning
Lives In: Garfield, NJ
Originally From: East Orange, NJ
Nickname: Lu Lu Bel

Personal History
Lucy has spent 21 years in the retail & carpet industries, 15 of them here at G. Fried. One of nine children, Lucy grew up with four brothers and four sisters, graduating high school in 1964. At age 13 she took her first job at the local 5 & 10 store, and throughout her life held jobs in car insurance, an international corporate pharmaceutical office, ADT’s accounts payable corporate office in Vermont, and even created & ran her own construction cleaning company. She took some real estate classes too, but never worked in that field. The least favorite of all her jobs was working in a kitchen as a food preparer. Lucy is a mother of two & a grandmother of six, and her birthday is on December 4th.

An active person, Lucy’s favorite thing growing up was her bike. She ran track, played tennis & volleyball in school, and still wants to learn to play golf. She also enjoys dancing, fresh water fishing, and boating. Dining out is also something Lucy does regularly, occasionally in New York after a Broadway play, and often at the Tom Sawyer Diner or Perona Farms in Sussex NJ, two of her favorite places to eat. But don’t let this take away from the fact that she is a really good cook! As long as it’s not liver, Lucy can make everything from chicken crescent puffs to what she considers her perfect meal, a thick broiled flounder with shrimp, topped with mushrooms, with a salad and a small bowl of soup. “Years ago” Lucy won her biggest prize, $25 from a scratch-off lottery ticket, but if she ever hit the Powerball, the first thing she said she would do is hide! She has always wanted to go to Alaska, has always wanted to meet GilbertRowland, and her favorite lucky number is 8.

Speed Round
Favorite Carpet Mill: Masland
Favorite Colors: Burgundy, Dark Blue, Greens
Favorite Current TV Show: Fox News
Favorite Type of Carpet: Wool
Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite TV Show Ever: NCIS
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Drink: Chocolate Malt
Favorite Movie Ever: North & South
Most Famous Person Met: Gene Kelly
Best Concert: (No answer)
Favorite Musician(s): Elvis
If Lucy found $1 million in cash, she would: Count it twice, then go to the police station &turn it in
If Lucy wasn't the receptionist at G. Fried, she would: A teacher at a grammar school, 2nd – 8th grade
If Lucy was stranded on a desert island, the 3 things & 1 person she would want with her are: Fresh water (Lucy doesn’t need 3 things or anyone else!)

Lucielle's quote
"Land your plane, you’re out of fuel"“Never let anyone know where you keep your bullets”