Buying carpet

I’m trying to save money - is it really important to purchase a high quality carpet?
I am quite aware that we are in a recession and everyone is extremely value conscious, still the truth is that when you buy something of poor quality it actually becomes more expensive. Why is that so? Because low priced carpet will look dreadful in a very short time. For not many dollars more you can have a quality carpet that will last longer and look better. We at G. Fried will not let you make that mistake - our reputation is on the line. If we cannot sell you the right product we will not sell you anything just to make the sale.

Why does it seem like carpet has gotten a lot more expensive?
People buy carpet several times in their life, usually every 8-13 years. I see sticker shock in their eyes when they visit our store as they remember that they once paid $20.00 a square yard. Now, similar carpet is $30.00 and higher. State government mandated that all prices of flooring should be on a square foot basis. Carpet is now quoted by the square foot. Keep in mind there are 9 sq. ft. to the sq. yd., so a $2.99 sq. ft. = $26.91 sq. yd.

I’ve heard that carpet is toxic – is that true?
Some people still want to believe carpet is toxic, but if it were...anyone who's had years of contact with it wouldn't be here now. Did I happen to mention that my family and I have been in business here at this store for more than thirty years? Misinformation about carpet persists even though everything preached about it has been proven incorrect. Carpet is still king - it's everywhere. It's in the cars we drive, airplanes we fly in, buses and shuttles we ride in. It's in the restaurants we eat in, hotels we sleep in, medical offices and hospitals and the schools our children attend. Carpet is safe and there are no health issues to concern anyone at all. In fact, carpet is the only floor covering that increased market share in the first half of 2009.

Why should I buy my carpet from G Fried?
Because quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Our previous customers refer over 85% of our new clientele; this is the basis of our business. Treat your customers like family and they are yours forever. We do just that.

Measuring & layout

Why is expert measuring and layout important?
Measuring and layout are critical to the installation process. It’s not a task to be outsourced to a measure service as so many carpet companies tend to do. Too often, that measure person overlooks very critical issues because he is in a hurry to finish with you and get to his next stop.

What might he overlook?
Are your doors too low and in need of cutting? If so, who will provide this service for you? Will the installers be prepared when they find a pool table in your house? Who is going to move it? Many new additions have radiant heat built right into the floor - nail into one of those and you have a geyser on your hands.

What other incidents could occur if the measure person hits and runs?
A concrete floor in a basement may have cracks that need to be patched. Who’s going to do that? You cannot nail into the concrete covering French drains, as they will crack. The tackless has to be glued the day before installation.

How can the above mishaps be avoided?
At G Fried, every member of our own measure and installation team has been through four years of apprenticeship and certified as an expert in the field. They will pay close attention to every detail so that none of the above happens to you. Nothing is more important than the relationships we nurture with our customers. No detail or request is too small and every measure is taken to ensure that your experience from start to finish is outstanding.


Why is Installation so critical?
Few people know that carpet installers are considered mechanics and should be certified as such. All of our crews have been through 4 years of apprenticeship and have been certified as experts in their field. The installation is the final step of the carpet purchase and of course you want a perfect job, not a nightmare. Unfortunately, there are not enough dealers who practice this ethic and simply hire the lowest cost installer.

Selection of Color and Quality
The conversation goes like this…
You know, folks, white carpet is very difficult to maintain.
Well, actually we are very careful and only walk barefoot in the bedroom.

Many carpet dealers will end the conversation there – it’s all about the sale. Not G. Fried. So, why not white carpet?
Did you know that air drafts from where the wall meets the floor cause a dark line that is extremely difficult to remove? And that bare feet leave a residue of body oils on the carpet that attract soil? Other causes are pets, shoe polish, bath cleaners, etc. Darker colors have more dye and therefore stand up better to soiling.

At G. Fried we will guide you to the correct style and assist you with selecting the right color. Bring in all your appropriate fabrics, tile, wood trim and any other item that will assist us in helping you select the correct style and color. We appreciate the trust our customers place in us and work tirelessly to earn your business not just today but time and again.