Waterproof flooring does more than protect against water damage

Waterproof flooring does more than protect against water damage

One of the main reasons you’re looking into waterproof flooring in Paramus, NJ, is that you need protection against water damage. You'll get that benefit, along with others, when you commit to products with many excellent characteristics. However, in today's post, you'll learn more about the other benefits of waterproof floors. 

The many benefits of waterproof flooring

The waterproof properties, which are expected, come from core components made of wood and stone plastic composite. When paired with vinyl, they create an exceptional waterproof characteristic perfect for installation in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The materials also offer protection in the form of a protective top layer that allows you to customize the thickness of products such as COREtec waterproof flooring. So, for floors that look and perform better for longer, you'll see fewer scars, scratches, stains, and dents.

These floors also provide a stunning variety of appearance options, including products that mimic natural materials. You'll enjoy wood, stone, and tile looks and more creative options, such as geometric shapes, animal prints, and impressive installation layouts that cater to any décor scheme.

A fast and easy installation is always appreciated, and these floors do not disappoint. Choose floating floors for the quickest installation, and you'll be able to walk on your new floors as soon as our waterproof flooring store technicians complete the service.

Are you ready to shop for your waterproof flooring?

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