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What hardwood species are native to my area?

The “hard” hardwoods, such as oak, hickory, ash, elm, beech, make up many of New Jersey's timber.  These also happen to be some of the most popular domestic species for wood floors, with hickory being the hardest domestic species and the others not terribly far behind.

Just because something is classified as hardwood doesn’t mean it automatically has the same level of strength as all the others; in fact, hickory is five times harder than aspen, a species also classified as hardwood.  We’ll be happy to help you sort through all the information at our hardwood flooring store in Paramus, NJ.

Considerations when selecting a species

Of course, hardness is a primary consideration, especially if you need extra durability for your hardwood flooring.  There is something called the Janka Scale of Hardness which is a numbering system that determines a species hardness.  The higher the number, the greater the hardness.  Please note, however, that this measures impact (dents) and not scratch resistance or everyday wear.

Design considerations

There are other things to consider besides hardness, such as color and style.  Darker colors are more traditional, while lighter ones tend to be airier and more contemporary.  Medium tones are just that, and they tend to show off knots and swirls better.

Lighter colors, such as blond, honey, and whitewashed, are coming back in a big way, with some designers saying they’ll change the face of interior design.  That is because it’s so easy to coordinate around them.  While dark colors will never go out of style, hard surfaces tend to get darker, such as ebony, walnut, or blackest black. Also, keep in mind that some species react better to stains than others.
Think about also if you prefer an abundance of knots, swirls, and raised grains, like oak, or if your style is more toward the subtle side.  In that case, you may want a “quieter” species like cherry.

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