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Nylon vs. Polyester: what is the difference?

Nylon is a durable carpet fiber, and therefore, it's appropriate for high traffic areas in the home. Homeowners often choose this most common fiber for a family room or a living room. Polyester is another popular high-quality fiber. G. Fried Carpet offers carpet in Paramus, New Jersey, and with so many styles from which to choose, you are sure to find the one that is right for your home.

Resistance to stains

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that must be treated in the factory for stain resistance. A spilled glass of wine will soak into untreated nylon, but it will not penetrate polyester. As a hydrophobic fiber, polyester is naturally resistant to stains. Eco-friendly polyester carpeting is made from recycled beverage bottles. Thus, it is the less costly of the two carpet fibers.

Resistance to crushing

Nylon is the most resilient carpet fiber. After a nylon carpet is walked on, it returns to its original form rather than remaining crushed down. The same is true when heavy electronics and furniture are removed. Softer polyester is less resilient. Therefore, polyester carpet flooring is most appropriate for bedrooms and other rooms that don’t receive heavy foot traffic.

Resistance to fading

Polyester, which has a high luster appearance, is available in a wider variety of colors than nylon. While polyester carpeting tends to come in bright and vibrant colors, nylon is usually found in matte colors. Both fibers are resistant to fading. However, carpet manufacturers recommend that homeowners protect any carpeting from direct sunlight.

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