Why choose hardwood flooring over carpeting?

Why choose hardwood flooring over carpeting?

When choosing between carpet and hardwood in Paramus, NJ, you'll need to consider your specific preferences and requirements to make the best decision for your household. Here are some carpet and hardwood flooring facts that could help you choose as you consider the benefits of the flooring you're interested in.

Which floor covering suits your needs?

Hardwood is one of the most sought-after floor coverings on the market, offering one of the most extended lifespans in flooring. With professional installation and care, wood floors can last over 100 years, offering outstanding benefits as long as they're in place.

While carpet is the only soft surface floor covering, high-end hardwood flooring provides striking visual appeal with timeless décor matching that never goes out of style. If you prefer a softer underfoot experience, you can always add a few area rugs or runners, especially in private spaces, to give you the experience you need.

Carpet provides unquestionable durability, especially when you choose built-in protection against stains and odors. But hardwood flooring also offers outstanding durability that you can customize to fit your needs, even with pets and children.

The installation process for carpet is quicker, but when you visit our hardwood flooring store, we can give you all the details about both services. And if you have questions, this is a great time to ask.

Consider our showroom for your flooring needs

At G. Fried Flooring & Design, we cater to our clientele with excellent materials and services to ensure solutions that address every need. So, whether you have a small project or a mammoth remodel, we offer high-quality products and professional services to make your dreams a reality.

You're invited to visit our showroom in Paramus, NJ, any time you're in the area to speak with our hardwood flooring store design specialists to craft the perfect remodel. Our service areas include Paramus, Ridgewood, Mahwah, Upper Saddle River, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff, NJ, and we look forward to serving you too.