What to do with leftover carpet after installation?

What to do with leftover carpet after installation?

Choosing carpet in Paramus, NJ, is a great way to floor your home for comfort, durability, and lifespan, especially when you select characteristics that cater to your lifestyle. But what do you do with the leftover carpet pieces after the installation?

Leftover doesn’t mean rubbish

Once the carpet is installed, leftover pieces are often thrown away or sent back to the store as a remnant. However, you should know these pieces aren't always trash-worthy, especially as a new material.

Instead of throwing these pieces away, why not turn them into something useful, such as a custom hall and stair runner carpet? These pieces are perfect for adding protection or décor matching in spaces that need it most while also matching your new carpet.

With leftover materials, you can create a custom piece in any shape or size and with any binding you choose. This process gives you great creative liberties that produce an entirely one-of-a-kind piece.

If the original carpet piece didn't include built-in stain protection, you could add it afterward to create an even more durable piece perfect for busy hallways and staircases. If you're a parent or pet owner, this stair runner's durability will mean even more to you, especially over time.

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