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Three top color trends in carpet

Carpet flooring
is a superb option for various needs and preferences. It could be the decor match you need, and that's why color is so essential.

The good news is that there is a wealth of color options to choose from in our carpet flooring store. And we'll make sure you know about the top choices.

The blue color trend

Blue is a trending color that embodies a cool, calm, and natural feel anywhere it's installed. Depending on the hue and usage, it's a neutral and matching color scheme.

Darker blues can set off a motif, while lighter blues can be a neutral background. But they can also cater to any of your requirements, even as a trending color.

The gray color trend

Like blue, the color gray can blend or set apart an entire room of décor with only a stair runner. In addition, this color scheme can incorporate a wide range of design capabilities from light to gray.

If you've never considered a gray carpet, this might be an excellent time to learn more about it. It could be the same color that sets your decor free, no matter which room you're flooring.

Bold and multicolor options are still trending

Bold and multicolor options are perfect for custom hall and stair runner carpeting. They can work well as area rugs, too, especially in a room that needs a little something extra.

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