Three tips for maintaining COREtec waterproof flooring

Three tips for maintaining COREtec waterproof flooring

When you need the best waterproof flooring, consider COREtec, one of the best options on the market. We cater to your need for beauty, style, and performance with products and brands that genuinely fit your needs.

In addition to complete waterproof protection, these floors should offer all the beauty and grace you want and need for your rooms. And maintenance is a big part of that, so here are three tips for maintaining this fantastic floor covering.

1. Take time to sweep or vacuum regularly.
This maintenance ensures that any loose debris won't be left to scratch or damage your flooring. In addition, our waterproof flooring store recommends a damp mop to clean away spills, smears, or footprints.

2. Clean up spills as soon as they happen.
From time to time, consider using a resilient floor cleaner, using a damp mop or cloth for the best results. If you have questions about which cleansers are best, feel free to contact us with any questions.

3. Use protective foot covers or mats as necessary.
For example, use a cup or caster underneath if you have heavy appliances or furniture. And protective mats are perfect for outside exits and entrances to keep excess debris off your COREtec surfaces.

Catering to your waterproof flooring needs

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