Three benefits of nylon carpet fibers

Three benefits of nylon carpet fibers

Synthetic fibers make up a great deal of carpet in Paramus, NJ, because it offers extensive characteristics that will cater to your most essential needs. You'll hear a lot about nylon, which is often preferred because it provides many benefits.

If you’ve never experienced carpeting in your home, this is an excellent time to learn more about the fibers and what they can do for you. Here are three benefits of nylon that will help you create a superb remodel.

Carpet for every need

Some carpet floors are standard, and some offer a more specialized placement, like stair and hallway runners. For example, a stair runner runs the length of your staircase and usually covers most of the stairs, leaving some hard surface flooring on each side.

These pieces offer excellent benefits, including noise reduction, better traction, and protection for the flooring underneath. In addition, we provide carpeting fibers that cater to your needs for this space, so your results will last for years.

Beauty is important

Beauty is as important as durability, and our carpets easily meet this need. You'll see plenty of colors, designs, patterns, and fiber types that cater to any décor scheme you have in place.

Your stair runner will be as crucial for drawing your interior design together as any other need. So, bring your vision to our associates and learn more about what we offer.

Our carpet store has it all

G. Fried Flooring & Design has more than 42 years of experience, which helps ensure your complete satisfaction with any size remodel. We offer outstanding products and services, with in-house decorators to help you bring everything together beautifully.

When you’re ready for the best flooring and services, take the time to visit our carpet flooring store in Paramus, NJ. We serve Paramus, Ridgewood, Mahwah, Upper Saddle River, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff, NJ, and we look forward to helping you too.