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Three benefits of COREtec waterproof flooring

If you've searched long for waterproof flooring, you've likely researched a lot. And you've probably come across the COREtec name brand.

This flooring brand offers extensive benefits that are sure to serve you well. Here are three core benefits that will meet your needs for any size remodel.

1. You won't have to buy an added underlayment

When you choose COREtec flooring, you'll find it features four specific layers. And one of those layers is a cork underlayment that saves time and money.

This layer offers noise reduction as well as mold and mildew resistance. But it also covers imperfections in the subfloor for smooth surfaces you'll love, and you can find it in our waterproof flooring store.

2. No need for acclimation

Most floors need acclimation to ensure expansion and contraction do not happen. But these floors will never do so under normal circumstances.

Instead, installation can start as soon as your materials arrive at your home. The immense stability in this product line is well worth your consideration.

4. Complete waterproof protection for every space

These floors offer 100% waterproof protection that's perfect for wet areas. As a result, you'll enjoy the ease of cleaning up from spills, pets, children, dampness, and so much more.

With an acrylic coating, stain resistance is another bonus of the COREtec product line. It means permanent stains and water damage will never be an issue for you.

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