Enhance your hardwood flooring with inlays and borders

Enhance your hardwood flooring with inlays and borders

Few features show off high-end hardwood flooring like inlays and borders, especially in large spaces. However, these options can create impressive elegance and one-of-a-kind results that cater to a specific clientele.

If this is your first time considering these additions to a remodel, this is a great time to learn more as you shop. Here are some ways we recommend you enhance your new high-end hardwood flooring.

Stunning hardwood floors

If you want gorgeous visual appeal from your new floors, adding these enhancements is a perfect way to get them. It’s easy to customize visuals or utilize trendy and elaborate designs.

Finding the perfect hardwood
in Paramus, NJ, may start with these inlays and borders. In many design schemes, oversized inlays are encircled with an edge, adding beauty and sophistication to any space.

Added value and more

All hardwood products add value to your home, even if only installed in a single room. But when you add these intricate adornments, you’ll see even more value.

If you intend to sell your home, these high-end additions can increase your sale price, but it can be just as worthwhile if your home stays in your family for generations. When preparing for this high-end hardwood flooring addition, consider all your options, including your own design ideas, for results that will serve your household well.

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