Does carpet flooring offer waterproof protection?

Does carpet flooring offer waterproof protection?

When you need carpet in Paramus, NJ, you'll find plenty of opportunities for outstanding visuals, durability, and lifespan that cater to your remodel's most critical requirements. However, some homeowners want to know if waterproof carpeting is available, and here are some facts to help answer that question.

What to know about carpet and moisture

Waterproof carpeting does exist, but you will likely never need it in your home or business. For most locations, other features can help with the problems when carpets get damp from humidity, spills, or wet footprints.

For instance, if your stair runner carpet sees a lot of wet foot traffic, a product with built-in stain and odor protection can be the perfect solution. These floors feature fibers that don’t soak up liquids, so they’re easy to clean and dry, leaving no foul odors, mold, or mildew behind.

This protection is also desirable for parents and pet owners, who often see lots of traffic and play in busy spaces, often leading to stains and odor. The good news is that built-in stain protection makes these surfaces easier to clean and looks as good as new once the hall and stair runner carpet cleaning is finished.

We customize pieces for hallways and stairs and can ensure the best performance, no matter your concerns. Spend time with our carpet store associates to learn more about our offers.

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