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What is the best carpet for high traffic rooms?

High traffic rooms can include hallways and staircases, so choosing an appropriate hall or stair runner can mean so much when your home and lifestyle are busy and active. But, of course, customizing those pieces makes your results even better, and now is a great time to consider your options for it all, so read along with today's post to find out more.

High traffic stairs require a high traffic stair runner

Staircases are one of the most frequently used areas of your flooring, especially if you have pets or children. With traffic confined to such a small area, there’s no way around the constant pressure these surfaces are under.

A high-quality stair runner can make all the difference for your stairs, so be sure to consider not only highly durable nylon fibers but also products that have stain protection built into the fibers. The latter option provides ongoing protection as long as your carpets are in place and maintained adequately.

Hallways are another high traffic space that requires a floor covering that does a little more than might seem necessary. Children and pets can create much more wear on these surfaces than houses without them, and you’ll want to consider customizing these spaces to your specific requirements.

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