Once upon a time, waterproof flooring was thought to be a mundane, possibly even drab, flooring choice. These days, with various brand-name waterproof flooring, nothing could be further from the truth!

There are now more spectacular décor-matching visuals in waterproof flooring than ever before. And we’re going to tell you more about it right now.

For the best décor match, consider COREtec waterproof flooring

You should be able to express your style throughout your home, and your flooring is no exception. With COREtec waterproof flooring, you don't have to hamper your style to have the protection you deserve, even in laundry rooms and basements.

COREtec waterproof flooring is right at home in any room or room with some of the most stunning wood and stone appearances. These appearance options are only part of what makes them a perfect addition, but it's one of the most important in the ideal décor match.

Color options range from white and gray to rich coffee-brown and ebony black, so finding a perfect color is never an issue. You could even ask about our various installation techniques and how they could match your décor when you visit our flooring store at your convenience.

We provide excellent waterproof flooring in Paramus, NJ

If you’re looking for the best waterproof flooring in Paramus, NJ, we urge you to visit G. Fried Carpet at your convenience. We work hard to make sure our customers have the best materials and services to meet their specific requirements, and our associates are always standing by to ensure your satisfaction.

From our Paramus, NJ showroom, we proudly serve Paramus, Ridgewood, Mahwah, Upper Saddle River, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff, NJ. If you are in any of these areas, we invite you to visit our flooring store and see which waterproof options best match your décor.